Recent International asssignments


Revamp of aromatics and solvents plant..  Middle East.

Production of aromatics from Pygas.  Middle East

Production of low sulphur diesel. Middle East.

Production of desulphurised, dearomatised and dewaxed solvents from gas oil  Middle East

Refinery complex involving Zeoforming,, CCR, isomerisation and GTC aromatic extraction units.  Middle East

Hydrodesulphurisation cost comparison. Middle East

Production of sodium hydrosulphide. Middle East

Production of ammonium thiosulphate. Middle East

Gasoline blending studies. Middle East

Removal of hydrogen sulphide by microbiological methods.

Evaluation of Zeoforming

Evaluation of aromatics separation processes

Review of various refinery FEED packages

New refinery optimisation including advanced linear programming. Proposal Asia.

Hydrogen production

Production of Linear Alkyl Benzenes

Plant Relocations

.           Ammonia/Urea. Sri Lanka to Emirates

.           Ammonia. Sicily to Canada

.           Ammonia/Urea. Italy to Russia
.           Urea. Italy to Lithuania

.           Ammonia/Urea. Italy to Pakistan. Study

.           Ammonia/Urea. Ireland to Chile

.           Ethylene Cracker. Germany to USA

.           MTBE. Germany to Iran.

.           Methanol. US to China. Study

.           Methanol. US to W.Africa. Study

.           Methanol. Canada to W.Africa. Study.

.           Catalytic Reformer. US to Saudi Arabia. Study

.           Aromatics Separation. Italy to Saudi Arabia. Study

.           Nitric Acid. US to Czech Republic. Study

.           Nitric Acid Equipment and Platinum Recovery. Italy

.           Air Separation Plant. US to Turkey

.           Methanol. Slovenia to Saudi Arabia. Study

Process Revamps

Ammonia Plant. Italy Study

Russian GIAP Partial Oxidation Ammonia Plant. Lithuania. Study

N-REN modular ammonia plants. Studies and implementation.

Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Petrochemical Company Acquisition. Advice

Solvents Company Acquisition. Advice

Petrochemical JV. Saudi Arabia.  Advice and seeking partner.
Modular Fabrication Yard. Saudi Arabia advice and seeking partner

Feasibility Studies

Ammonia/Urea. Bangladesh

Ammonia/Urea. Turkmenistan.


Ammonia/Equatorial Guinea

Ammonia/Urea. Bolivia

Ammonia. Chile.

Ammonia/Urea and Methanol. Yemen

Cost Estimates

 Numerous cost estimates have been prepared for all types of refining units, petrochemicals, ammonia/urea and methanol.