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CPI is a networked group of specialists throughout the World providing Chemical Engineering Consultancy Services to the gas, petroleum, petrochemical, fertilizer and biofuels industries.  CPI has also had particular and extensive experience in all aspects of the relocation of existing plants.

CPI is proud to have been chemical engineering consultants for 15 years to the Safra Company Limited, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  Derek Lennon- Chairman- Capital Plant International

Derek Lennon is a major scholar in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where he also studied mechanical and chemical engineering, a Sir Stewart Goodwin Fellow for study in the USA, spent with the Foster Wheeler Corporation, and a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

In his career he has been responsible for selling and building major process plants in twenty six countries including fourteen ammonia plants, two ethylene plants and a petrochemical complex.
An innovative financing method he developed enabled an American contractor to obtain the contracts for the Algerian Skikda 4,5 and 6 LNG plants and the Hassi R’Mel Gas Treatment plant.

PDF Article on Relocating Plants by D.C. Lennon



Early in his career Derek Lennon sold the first process plant from the West to Communist China and the page below from the Beijing daily shows his reception by General Chen -Yi, the deputy of Mao Tse Tung.